Many people struggle to expand their businesses because they seek comforting information rather than the essential tools they require.


Since 2008, I’ve founded numerous companies, presently overseeing seven of them. The road to growth proved to be the most arduous. Initially, I believed that partnering with cost-effective agencies would provide a competitive advantage. When that didn’t pan out, I surmised that investing significantly in a US-based agency might be the key to success. Both times, I was mistaken.

It dawned on me that many freelancers and agencies weave an enchanting sales narrative tailored to lure their desired clientele. Often, the outcomes they offer don’t align with what you genuinely require.

At the onset of my entrepreneurial venture, concepts like backlinks, DA, PA, and Google Ads, among other digital tools and strategies, were foreign to me. And why wouldn’t they be? My identity is rooted in entrepreneurship, not technical wizardry.

Subsequent years saw me engaging with agencies from India, the USA, and Europe. However, it became evident that to truly grasp the intricacies, I had to dive deep myself.

After eight intensive months of hands-on learning and numerous trials, I decoded the formula to genuinely expand my business. The turning point wasn’t just about consuming a plethora of courses, but rather implementing the learned insights and rigorously testing to discern what succeeded and what failed.

A year into this intensive phase, around 2014, I began witnessing tangible growth. Reflecting on my journey since 2008, I realized that had I adopted this proactive approach earlier, I could’ve spared myself years of hardship.

I leveraged this newfound expertise across different industries, leading to several individuals and budding enterprises seeking insights into my formula for success.

While I relish assisting others, managing multiple enterprises limited my availability. Thus, in 2016, Logic Global Vision emerged, dedicated to fostering the growth of small businesses.

On-Boarding Process

Our onboarding process is made up of 3 steps.


We do a pre-screening to see if we are the right fit for each other, following the in-person or over-the-zoom free consultation with myself personally.


If we find that we are a right fit for you, and your project fits our expertise, our next step is the pricing, agreement, and signing of the contract.

On Boarding

Depending on the project this part does vary. The on-boarding process takes anywhere from 2 days up to 3 weeks, depending on the size of a project.