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Unexpected High Demand

Due to unforeseen high demand, we recommend that all clients book reservations in advance. Due to the Covid outbreak, many transportation businesses have closed down, leaving fewer providers and vehicles to fulfill the work. Now that things are slowly coming back to normal, proms, weddings, and vacation travel are slowly coming back to life, we began to sell our 4-7 weeks in advance now.

We are estimating this surge to rise steadily throughout 2025. While some operators may have a large fleet of vehicles, many have reported a shortage of drivers and cannot get the cars on the road, causing another issue.

In addition, due to unexpected economic changes, we will only quote reservations up to 6 months in advance. While we know booking your travel in advance is essential to you, we are also dealing with higher than average operating costs, such as insurance increases, fuel increases, shortage of parts for vehicles, and many other challenges ground transportation operators face this year in the industry.

Vehicle Guarantee.

One of the frequent questions and requests our clients have been having is; can we guarantee a specific make, model, and color of the vehicle.  The answer to this question is no. In our business, cars can go down for services at any moment; these are the things we cannot predict. While we do our best and currently can deliver a specific vehicle 98% of the time, there are times that the night before the trip, a car can experience a mechanical breakdown, such as transmission, AC unit failure, and many more.

We appreciate your understanding due to these never-ending changes in today’s circumstances we face.