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Our Role



Ashwa Limousine, is a small business located in Orange, California providing ground transportation. Ashwa Limousine already had an established Website and Google my business, however neither of two had any exposure to potential clients. 

Ashwa Limousine was looking to establish it’s online presence and increase more revenue. 


Today more and more businesses rely on online presence. Unfortunately, there is a very large number of agencies who simply don’t provide the full value for their clients. At Logic Global Vision, we build long lasting relationships and custom tailor each project to our clients needs. 

Our founder and owner, Mile Ivicic faced challenges many years ago, that many small businesses face today. After paying thousands of dollars with minimal results, he decided to self-learn everything himself to help his companies grow. Today he applied his knowledge to Logic Global Vision, which helps businesses that face challenges he faced once.

Our Role

In late February of 2022, we began by re-designing the entire website, implementing SEO-friendly content, keyword research, and monetizing GMB (Google my business)

In 47 days, Ashwa Limousine began to rank on page 1 for 100+ keywords on Google search. Due to our Ashwa Limousine SEO success, the client retained Logic Global Vision in May 2022 to begin implementing branding, which included professional photography that was implemented on the website, GMB, complete Google PPC setup, and complete competitor market analysis.


Solutions FAQ

What can Logic Global Vision do for you?

Our founder and owner, Mile Ivicic, has successfully established several companies within a span of 10 years. He encountered the same challenges that many contemporary business owners confront – alluring sales pitches and appealing figures that ultimately led him into a repetitive cycle. While navigating the journey of learning and cultivating the prosperity of his own enterprises, he founded Logic Global Vision with the purpose of assisting other businesses in their growth endeavors.

While many businesses focus on quantity, we focus on quality. Unlike most agencies that own the rights to most, if not all, your content, we do not. We custom tailor each project to ensure our client’s budget is well utilized. 

We simply don’t believe in long-term contracts. Our yearly track record currently has 100% satisfaction rating.

Each client has a dedicated member for all communications. We provide full monthly reports and suggestions for potential opportunities. 


We provide powerful results, and we can’t provide it for all. We provide our services only to two clients in the same industry per region, ensuring that our clients get the best competitive results. 

SEO is an excellent long-term investment. The problem with SEO is that most agencies focus on driving traffic but not quality traffic that converts into leads and sales. With Logic Global Vision, you can rest assured that we go in-depth through market analysis to ensure that all traffic targeted is relevant to what the business specializes in. 

Message From Our Founder

Building and running a small to medium size business can be challenging. Being a founder of 10+ companies, I realized that each firm was genuinely unique and needed unique individual attention.

Here at Logic Global Vision, we custom tailor each package to our client’s needs. We are a USA-based agency with offices in Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California.

I can be reached directly with any questions via social media or